Why Bother to EC a Non-Verbal Kid?

So your child doesn’t signal, eh? His poo communication involves looking up from play (and if you’re not there to catch his eye, oh well!), and he is more than content to pee through his trainers, through his pants, and through your sofa without blinking? Ah, the one that crushes EC dreams. Or is he? …

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How Dulcamara Saved Easter (Homeopathy Vignettes)

Please note, I’m not a doctor; I’m a mom. What I share here is parent-to-parent, in the spirit of information. Just as we parents exchange information about children’s sleep or behavior challenges, educational choices, home organization, family finances, and the like, in my Homeopathy Vignettes, I share what I have learned and what has worked …

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What Homeopathy Is…Not

If you’ve never heard of homeopathy, you’re not alone. Many people are either 1. unfamiliar with the term, or 2. have a vague but mistaken notion of what it’s all about. Let’s shed light on both problems by addressing a few popular misconceptions about homeopathy: Homeopathy is like “home remedies”, right? This is easy to …

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What To Do if You Run Out of Diapers (Or you’re just sick and tired of buying them)

Some links here may earn me a referral commission. I only refer to products or services I’ve actually tried and think are super useful, because I’m practical and helpful like that. 🙂 ALSO, because these are tough times, financially, I want to share some discount codes with you! Scroll to the end for codes. 🙂 …

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Snowflakes and Dreams

delicate , lovely, the tiny crystal floats down to sink with ten million others onto the blanketed ground trodden roughly under the toddler’s boot, it rests, restructured, laden with soot now sun’s beauty rises to hail the day and gleams on the altered crystal, bleeding into the rushing streams warm currents, in loving embrace, carry …

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I'm Laura. I love spreadsheets, Jane Eyre, and watching my boys' personalities unfold (unless that involves mud pies launched at the garage again). I also desperately need a weekly repartee exchange or I suffer from witticism atrophy. If you've read this far, you're awesome. May your chocolate be plentiful and your kids' naps long and sweet.

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