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Unshakeable Hope in Shaky Times

The world is upside-down. It doesn’t seem to matter where you live, something is going sideways for every person I have talked to recently. What can we count on, any more? What can we hold on to that won’t let us down? The answer to that lies not in what, but in Who. There is …

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Snowflakes and Dreams

delicate , lovely, the tiny crystal floats down to sink with ten million others onto the blanketed ground trodden roughly under the toddler’s boot, it rests, restructured, laden with soot now sun’s beauty rises to hail the day and gleams on the altered crystal, bleeding into the rushing streams warm currents, in loving embrace, carry …

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For Ashton

on a cold winter’s day, you came to me. so warm did I feel, I did not see the grey skies and clouds above. I only knew my heart, full of love, was set to burst with pride for the joy of your life inside. on a cold winter’s day, something went awry. so suddenly, …

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I'm Laura. I love spreadsheets, Jane Eyre, and watching my boys' personalities unfold (unless that involves mud pies launched at the garage again). I also desperately need a weekly repartee exchange or I suffer from witticism atrophy. If you've read this far, you're awesome. May your chocolate be plentiful and your kids' naps long and sweet.

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