For Ashton

on a cold winter's day, you came to me.
so warm did I feel, I did not see

the grey skies and clouds above.
I only knew my heart, full of love,

was set to burst with pride
for the joy of your life inside.

on a cold winter's day, something went awry.
so suddenly, at first, I could not even cry.

aching in silence, I quietly asked, why?
and watched stars emerge from the clear night sky.

on a cold winter's day, the waves rolled over me
and some looked on, with musing hearts, to see

this stoic, crushed soul yield under the tide
and sink to her knees beneath the emptiness inside.

oh, hope so precious, oh life, so fleeting!
I still hold reserves for our one-day, at-last meeting.

on a cold winter's day, I asked You where You stood
when I held my hope, this life, the last time I could.

when my feebleness, insufficient, let go,
You answered, “Oh, my precious child, that's when I held on, you know.”

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