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It came!! Excuse me, I'm currently geeking out over our box of goodness from Earthley. So, apparently, is my toddler – that's his hand you see, grabbing the Elderberry Tincture.

What is Earthley? You ask. Earthley is the proud product of a mama-prenour's vision for clean and kid-safe body care products and herbal supplements. That's the fancy-schmancy synopsis. In our house, Earthley is simply, “the good stuff.” I mean, when your husband asks when you're placing the next order because he wants more Shave Soap, you know you've found a keeper (both the Soap and the husband. 😉 )

Earthley found me during the wail-filled days of a certain teething toddler. A darling Aunt purchased Teeth Tamer for said child, and it evaporated grouchy, whiny moments into mere memories. This mama was hooked! I had to know what other magic Earthley had hidden away. Turns out, quite a lot. 🙂

Earthley Tried and True

Goodnight Lotion – Our second Earthley product, and my ADHD son's favorite bedtime routine. So many people posted reviews extolling its sleep-inducing properties, we had to try it. Its not a "knock out" solution for us, but it does relax him (hello, magnesium!), and his sensory-seeking soul adores the experience of the massage as well as the light, gentle scent (they also have a scent-free option, for sensitive noses).

All-Purpose Salve – Possibly our favorite! From scrapes to minor kitchen burns (#castironcooking), to mosquito bites and bee stings, this handy salve needs a spot in every diaper bag. We tested the stick version, but found so many uses for this versatile salve, we got the jar this round.

Nourishing Shave Soap – I don't know about you, but I can't pronounce some of the ingredients in foaming shave gel, and smearing propylene glycol into my pores was starting to get to me. (As was the artificial fragrance, every time I moved close to kiss my Honey. #romancekiller.) Enter the Shave Soap. You don't need a fancy brush and cup (unless you want to use one, because it looks super cool). You just need a bar of the Soap, and, optionally, a Soap Dish (to prolong soap life and keep your bathroom counter clean). Hubby has tested this on face and head with both cartridge and straight edge razors, and gives this two thumbs-up. For myself, I don't typically buy into “nourishing” labels (too many toxic hand “lotions” and hair “conditioners” in my past, I suppose), but my sensitive skin is razor-burn free after Shave Soap.

Elderberry Tincture, Kid-Safe Version – You know Elderberry is good for your immune system, but do your kids (or husband) gag at the syrups? This is your super-concentrated solution. Only a few drops needed! We like the warm-and-sweet glycerin-base version as it is kid-safe and our kids take it willingly.

Elderberry Syrup Kits – Aside from the action of the herbs, themselves, a syrup is so soothing on scratchy cough-worn throats. We used to stock an expensive honey-based children's cough syrup until we found this. Now it is our favorite to have on hand for when coughs arise, and we use the Elderberry Tincture as our daily boost during cold and flu season. P.S. Don't forget to also stock raw honey or a toddler-safe alternative in your pantry next to this kit.

Items we love not in this box:

As mentioned above, Teeth Tamer turned grouch into grin during one of our children's teething experience. It's not a “blocker” like over-the-counter (OTC) liquids or creams, so you may need to dose more frequently than you're used to, if you've used OTC meds for teething before.

Sun Shield – Sun protection is a hot (no pun intended) issue: to SPF or not SPF? As an alternative to all the chemically-laden, vitamin-D-blocking creams on the market, Earthely offers a product formulated to protect and nourish skin exposed to the sun. Safe for pregnant women and babies! NOTE: Because There are no “blocking” ingredients, there is no SPF guarantee for this product. Also, if you are in/near water or heavily sweating, you may need to re-apply this frequently to keep from burning.

Items we're trying this time around:

Earthely New Favorites

3-in-1 Soap, Rustic – Because the Hubby needs a manly soap 😉

Oatmeal and Honey Soap – This is our general soap for the kids and my face.

Sleepy-Time – Did I mention we have an ADHD wonder with poor sleeping skills? He has been worlds better since we put him on a homeopathic protocol, but getting off to sleep is still difficult for him, most nights, so I'm trying BOTH Goodnight Lotion AND this extract to see if we can help him get the rest he needs.

Sinus SaverAh, my dear sinuses. I cannot live without you, and currently, I cannot live with you. I've tried a LOT for my sinuses over the years, and have high hopes for this well-rated product. UPDATE: Three days into Sinus Saver, I noticed I was sleeping through the night deeply enough to dream (the first time in...years??). Then the goldenrod took off all. over. the. stinkin'. universe. I'm back to sniffle-land at sleep time (except when I avoid dairy and, but I can go outside with the kids all day on walks and nature excursions without suffering more than a few sniffles! And my eyes have gone down from a “10” to a “3”. Definitely keeping this one!

Deep Healing Skin Serum – Cheese and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it, and it hates me, or rather, my skin. I'm trying a homeopathic protocol to lessen my cystic acne, and while it works from the inside, I'm trying this on the outside. UPDATE: This REALLY helps with the painful cysts that appear on my shoulders. Probably cuts their lifespan by half, if not more.

Lip Balm - petroleum free!

Soap Dish - UPDATE: Hubby gives this a two thumbs up. (It really does stretch the life of the soap, not to mention save your counter-top.)

Are you looking for clean skin-care products and safe supplements for your family, too? Check out all Earthley has to offer, including their FREE wellness guides. Use code 10OFFWCM for 10% off your first order (except for the free stuff...because it really is free).

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